Professional Tree Services for Your Home and Business

Take a look at an aerial map of London and although you’ll see a lot of buildings, you’ll also see a lot of trees – and not all of them are in parks being taken care of by councils. Quite a lot of those trees are growing happily – and sometimes not so happily – on private property. Like all living things, trees need proper care and attention.

Professional tree removal London

Sometimes, tree care takes the form of tree surgery. This can involve just a bit of light branch trimming or pruning, but at other times, it may require more extensive work such as tree felling, crown reduction or tree reduction. Don’t forget the pollarding that’s commonly carried out for London plane trees (found all through London, as you’d expect). If a tree needs to be cut down, stump grinding is also necessary to ensure that no roots are left to encroach on drains or to lift pavements, or simply be a pain when you’re digging the garden.

London Tree Surgeons

All throughout London, the technicians from Primus Tree Surgeons are able to provide tree care services (e.g. ash tree surgery, beech tree surgery, etc.) for private individuals and for companies. We are also very happy to provide tree services to schools and the like – we know just how tempting certain tree branches can be to small children, so we can prune those branches perfectly to ensure that the temptation is removed while still preserving the shape of the tree. Even if all your business has in the way of larger plants in the garden and outdoor areas is a hedge, we provide hedge trimming services as well.

London-Wide Tree Surgery

Tree Surgeons in LondonPrimus Tree Surgeons operates throughout London, from the centre city (yes, you’ll find a few trees that need attention there if you look) to the outer regions of the Greater London Metropolitan Area, such as Richmond, Highgate and Hammersmith. Unlike a lot of London-based companies, we also provide our tree surgery and arboriculture services beyond the ring of the M25 in places like Sevenoaks… after all, Sevenoaks is an appropriate place to carry out oak tree surgery when needed!

Most of our customers prefer to book in one-off tree surgery services. This is just the nature of tree care; after all, trees only grow so fast and even smaller trees like bay trees and vines like wisteria only need pruning and a spot of bay tree surgery only every so often.

However, if you have shrubs and trees in your garden or outdoor areas that regularly require some care and attention – hedge trimming, for example – you can arrange for Primus Tree Surgeons‘ team of tree surgeons to come around on a regular basis on a schedule that suits you (e.g. every six weeks or every month for hedge trimming, depending on what species of shrub is in your hedge – ask us for advice if you’re uncertain).

We also carry out emergency tree services in London after trees have been damaged or snapped by high winds or storms.

How Much Tree Services Cost in London?

Regarding the issue of how much tree surgery costs, we can give you more precise details if we have more information from you about the particular tree services and tree surgery work you need. Different jobs involve different equipment and different hours. As you can imagine, the tools, time and safety gear needed to carry out wisteria surgery on the vine around a porch or gazebo will be very different from what’s needed for large-scale beech tree surgery that requires tree branch cutting, crown thinning, etc. etc. Similarly, stump grinding will take longer if our experts need to remove a massive stump left from an old pine tree or beech tree compared with something left from slender young ash or pear tree. The best way to find out how much tree surgery costs is to contact us and let us know the full details, and we’ll quote you a fair price for tree surgery.