Too big or too tall? A tree that gets bigger than its space allows is a tree destined for removal. Tree removal is no simple task, so when it comes time to fell a large tree it will require careful planning, the right skill set and the right tools.

Getting in the experts would be the best advice. The tree removal experts will be able to remove the tree carefully, ensuring any nearby buildings or structures are kept safe and free from damage. If the worst should happen and damage is caused to any of the surrounding structures, then you’ll be grateful to work with your tree removal professionals, who will have insurance to cover the cost. That’s definitely a must for Primus Tree Surgeons’ tree removal team!

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a physically demanding job often requiring a team of people with the know-how and experience to get the job done correctly to the finish. From the cutting down of the tree to the clearing up of all the debris is all in a day’s work for the tree removal specialists from Primus Tree Surgeons.

If the tree is in a tight, tricky spot, then the skilled tree removal team can climb up into the tree and carefully lop the tree down in small sections from the top to the bottom. Arborists or tree surgeons with ropework and tree climbing skills are not only awesome to have around for removing trees altogether. They are also the top professionals for any tree trimming and pruning tasks for trees big or small. It’s also entertaining to see a skilled tree surgeon climb right up a tall tree to the top and then work away, dismembering the tree all the way to the last cut at the stump. Many an onlooker has been kept enthralled for an hour or two watching the tree removal specialists at work. Primus Tree Surgeons’ tree removal teams will come around at a time that suits you, meaning that you can watch the process if you prefer… although it’s wise to make sure that you listen to the safety advice of our tree surgeons.

Cutting Trees Down – And Cutting Them Up

When it comes to the clean-up of all the pruned tree material, the team of tree fellers will be very deft at removing every bit of the tree as required by you. Often, a mulching machine can take all the large branches and convert it into sawdust and mulch, which they will take away as part of our garden clearance services; better still, you may be able to use it as mulch for your garden. Large logs can be cut up and taken away, or you could use them for firewood if your part of London permits you to have a log fire. Or perhaps you might want to keep the wood for wood turning or to make rustic furniture, especially if oak tree surgery or beech tree surgery has been carried out (many native hardwoods have gorgeous wood that’s perfect for decorative work).

Tree removal specialists will often be able to grind the remaining tree stump out if you so desire. This will ensure no trace of the tree is left behind above ground level. You can now plant another tree in its place, sow the area into lawn or create a patio area… the options are endless.

Make sure you contact the tree removal professionals at Primus Tree Surgeons for your next big tree felling job. Get the job done right the first time, and take the hassle out of your big garden tasks by getting the specialist team in to do them for you.

If you have questions about the process of tree removal, please get in contact with our customer services team. If you want an accurate quote about how much to fell a tree, then give us as many details as you can.