Flexible and Punctual Tree Services from Primus

Primus Tree Surgeons aims to provide a comprehensive range of tree care services for homes and businesses across London. We want to make sure that the trees adding character and beauty to your gardens and outside areas, from specimen trees to humble hedges, are in great shape as well as safe and healthy.

Tree Felling

Tree Felling Service

Some trees are, unfortunately, not growing in the right place. Perhaps they’re encroaching buildings or sending roots into drains or under pavements and causing damage. Perhaps you need to make way for an extension on your house. Perhaps a tree is getting old and is likely to fall at any moment. In this situation, you need the help of a tree felling expert who knows what they’re doing so that the tree can come down safely without damaging the surrounding plants or infrastructure.

Primus Tree Surgeons provides high-quality and safe tree felling services for trees of all sizes and types, from bays and hedging shrubs through to large oaks, ashes and beeches. We give you the option as to whether you’d like to keep some or all of the timber and logs from felling a tree, or whether you’d like to add garden clearance into the mix, where we take the logs from trunks and branches away.

Tree Removal

If you really need a tree gone because it’s just become a nuisance, you will need the help of Primus Tree Surgeons’s tree removal services. Sometimes, our tree removal experts will need to fell a tree to remove it, followed by stump grinding and root removal. At times, in the case of smaller trees, it may involve digging the tree out complete with the root ball. At other times, if the tree involved is larger, a felling operation will need to be carried out.

If you’re not sure whether the tree you want removed is small enough to be dug out or whether it needs to be felled, don’t worry. Our trained team of arborists and tree surgeons can give you the best advice as well as carrying out the required tree services.

Tree Pruning and Cutting

Tree Pruning Service

Trees need to be pruned and cut back by a tree surgeon for a range of reasons. Sometimes, trees or shrubs block the light or encroach on buildings where they fill the gutters with leaves and more. Other trees may grow to where they are in danger of contacting power lines. At other times, a branch may need to be removed to allow a vehicle past or for some other reason. And, of course, there may be times when tree trimming is required just for aesthetic reasons so that the tree grows in a pleasing shape that doesn’t stress the tree.

In the case of, say, wisteria surgery or bay tree surgery, a delicate touch is required to ensure that enough of the tree, climber or shrub is cut back without sacrificing shape or flowering. On the other hand, a larger tree needs a good eye for the final effect, as well as knowledge about the effect that removing certain branches will have. The effects can vary from species to species, which is why ash tree surgery is different from beech tree surgery, which is different from willow tree surgery, which is different from… you get the idea.

Tree Pollarding

With certain species, tree pollarding is possible. Pollarding involves cutting back the trunk and or main branches of trees very severely. Although this type of tree surgery looks extreme – and it is – with pollarding, new shoots will grow from where the cuts were made. This produces a very characteristic look. In the past, tree pollarding was commonly practiced on species grown for firewood or other practical uses, as new wood would regrow and there would be no need for tricky stump removal or replanting. Species that are suitable for tree pollarding include London plane, willow, poplar, lime (linden, not the green citrus fruit), maple and beech.

Once the decision has been made to turn a tree into a pollard, the operation must be carried out regularly or the tree can grow in a particularly ugly or unsafe way. Talk to your friendly Primus Tree Surgeons to find out what’s best for your trees.

Crown Reduction

You love that ash, beech, oak, fig or other feature tree but it’s just getting too tall and it’s starting to block some of your sunlight – or your neighbour’s sunlight. Or possibly that tree has a few branches that are becoming unsafe. You don’t want to remove the tree but something needs to be done. This is one of the things that tree surgeons love doing the most: crown reduction (also known as crown thinning, tree crown reduction, crown shaping or just plain crown surgery). This involves selectively pruning branches to reduce the bushiness and weight of the canopy while preserving the overall look of the tree. Crown reduction is often the best solution for encroaching trees that you value, especially fruit trees. Pear tree surgery is a much better solution than removing the pear tree altogether.

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

If you know what you’re doing, you can remove an unwanted tree yourself with a chainsaw or even an axe (but we really stress that you need to know what you’re doing – tree felling isn’t as easy as you might think). However, the stump will be left in the ground. If you don’t want to keep the stump as an interesting garden feature, you probably want it gone. With certain species, such as elderberry, poplar and willow, completely removing the stump is a must, as these species can often regrow from the stump – fine if you want a coppiced willow or poplar but not if you want that tree gone.

Stump grinding is the best way to get rid of those left-behind tree stumps that turns stumps and roots into wood chips that can be used as garden mulch rather than applying downright scary chemicals to kill particularly persistent trees like willows.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges provide a soft natural boundary to your property or to sections of your garden that are beautiful and offer shelter to wildlife. In modern garden designs, they’re a must-have. However, hedges need to be clipped regularly so they look cared for and so they don’t look shaggy and overgrown. It’s particularly important to undertake hedge trimming along pathways so that people can walk easily past those hedges. A well-clipped hedge is a sure sign of a manicured garden, but the timing has to be correct if heavy hedge cutting is needed to avoid stressing your hedge plants.

Primus Tree Surgeons is proud to offer our very popular hedge cutting services, and we prune everything from dainty box borders around traditional knot gardens through to larger conifer and yew hedges – including topiary!

Emergency Tree Work

Violent winds and heavy rain can inflict massive damage to trees, breaking branches and sometimes uprooting the tree itself. Storm damaged trees often block driveways and paths, and can even damage buildings. In cases like these, an experienced tree surgeon is needed to remove the debris safely – and that means safe for your buildings and yourself, as well as for your trees. Although storm damage is the most common type of emergency work we carry out, other extreme situations can happen, and we will be more than happy to help you out – and we’ll come quickly to the rescue!

No matter which one of Primus Tree Surgeons’ tree care services you are most interested in, we can guarantee that the work will be carried out by a proper tree specialist, arborist or tree surgeon. Our team members care about trees and they have the right combination of knowledge, expertise and design sense – and the right tools and other gear – needed to carry out everything you need.

If you want to find out more details, such as what willow tree surgery or hedge trimming will involve, or how much it costs to remove a tree, please get in touch with our customer services helpdesk and give us as much information as possible so that we can give you a fair and accurate quote for the cost of tree removal or whatever else you need.