Arborist felling a tree in a London garden.

Sometimes, that favourite big tree has to get the chop. It might need felling because the tree is getting way too large for the space. It could be because the roots and branches are causing damage to buildings and driveways, or it might need felling because the tree is starting to die and has now become unsafe. Whatever the case, if you need your trees trimmed, removed or inspected, you should contact the tree felling professionals.

First and foremost, if you are not experienced at felling large trees, then you need to have a professional tree surgeon come in to do the tree felling task for you. Even if you are well trained, always plan ahead when tree felling (that’s what the tree specialists from Primus Tree Surgeons do).

Tree felling professionals will have been fully trained and have had years of experience in dealing with large trees and felling large trees of all kinds and in all conditions. A tree-felling professional will also carry out the work to a high standard and have proper insurance just in case. After the tree felling has been done, the clean-up (garden clearance) can be performed by the felling team. You can have our tree removal team members cut up logs into firewood. Or you could come to an agreement that you will do the major tidying up of all the debris from the work area yourself. Or, even easier still, you can arrange for us to do the branch removal work. What you opt for will affect how much it costs to remove a tree.

Safety is Vital When Felling Trees

Felling trees is not always as simple as it sounds. Often, there will be dangers that have to be noted, and there will frequently be powerlines, buildings and even other trees to avoid. Our tree specialists will know how to take the utmost care with your property, ensuring that all trees, stumps and branches are removed without causing damage to your property. Above all, we are also experts in keeping people safe during the felling operation.

When we’re cutting trees down, the correct tree felling techniques are essential. Not only are the correct techniques important for creating a safe working environment, but they are also more effective for getting the job done.

Preparation is always the key to a successful tree felling operation. Having the right equipment and making sure that there is an escape plan should the tree fall incorrectly is so important. Are there any major obstacles like fences, overhead powerlines, conservatories, roads or buildings in the tree’s felling radius? When cutting a tree down, it’s important to have warning signs and highly visible barricades if you know that a road crosses the felling path of the tree. Identifying this sort of hazard and knowing how to minimise the risks is part of the training for a good tree surgeon, and it’s something we insist on for all our team members. We wouldn’t send them out to your home or garden otherwise.

For a one-cut tree felling operation, a lot of planning and thought needs to be carried out beforehand. Careful mapping of the tree felling direction and the surrounding area must be carried out. A detailed study of the tree to be felled will reveal any heavy branches or twisting wood, which requires arboriculture knowledge. It’s the face of the tree with the weightier branches that will determine the natural falling path of the tree. Even the wind direction on the day will influence the correct tree felling techniques and procedures.

Making sure that the intended felling direction is clear of obstacles and that the area about 45 degrees behind the tree felling direction is clear in both directions, thus creating your path of retreat should things go wrong, is so important.

To get the job done right, you need to bring in the tree felling experts. If you have a tree that needs to be cut down, or if you have any other tree care work that needs to be carried out, please get in touch with us.